Dare2dream is Kinabuti most innovative project, a platform committed to the empowerment of Nigerian Youth by developing talents and skills in fashion and entertainment related industries while providing job opportunities for:

  1. fashion and accessories designers
  2. performing artists, TV/Radio presenters
  3. Influencers, web developers
  4. event and logistics executives

Dare2Dream celebrates the rising generation of African MSMEs (millennials between 18 and 25 from urban areas) by connecting them with established industry players. This inclusive business model embraces the digital economy and redefines the future of sustainable business.



Dare2Dream selection process covers several geopolitical regions within Nigeria (South-West, South-South, East and North). We work very closely with local youth networks not only by training new contestants but also by contracting them as mentors, trainers, influencers, performers, event organizers, logistics facilitators or youth relation consultants. The young service providers becomes an integral part of Dare2Dream production.