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As the Kinabuti Fashion Initiative continues to achieve giant strides in empowering the youth through fashion and entertainment, the social enterprise has recently demonstrated that it also cares deeply about the empowerment of the ordinary Nigerian woman and youth.

One special empowerment program has the impressive target of training 300 participants in building income through learning skills like catering, home care, tailoring and business management. 

This training program is expected to run different times on the first semester of this year. As the first phase currently holds, it is evident that the target will be easily reached as over a hundred participants are currently enrolled.

In the first week, the catering participants have learned to make a wide range of small chops - including but not limited to - samosas, spring rolls, doughnuts, cakes and so on. They were trained by Mr. Johnny Matthew and the enthusiastic participants returned home to practice what they have learned. 

At the end of the first week, there was an evaluation session to eliminate participants who were not committed to their learning process. The organizers have been pleasantly surprised to discover that only five participants were sent away, and most are committed to the programme. 

In Week Two, the participants were taken out of their comfort zone and they learnt intercontinental cuisine like how to make curry sauce, shredded beef sauce and the chicken casserole. They also learnt to cook basmati rice and sticky rice.

The participants of the home care section are also learning valuable skills like making bar and liquid soap, bleach, scouring powder and disinfectants. In addition, they are learning about safety, security and branding amongst others. Trained by Ms Mary Adebayo, it is reassuring to see the participants protect themselves by wearing gloves and masks.

As an enterprise that values collaboration, Kinabuti has partnered with the Equal Health and Rights Access Advocacy Initiative (EHRAAI) to bring to the youth and vulnerable women this programme.

KFI has earmarked 9 trainings for 6 months which will run till July 2019 and all are geared towards youth and women empowerment. On the 4th of February, the digital skills and IT training in collaboration with OIPA (Orile Iganmu Progressive Association) at the OIPA Training centre will begin.  Also,  on the  15th of February 2019, the Urban Fashion Lab shall commence a three-month tailoring training.

Kinabuti Fashion Initiative is a private NGO mainly funded by international grants and private companies. The ongoing empowerment projects are funded and promoted by Time for Africa, an Italian NGO which assures sustainable funding for the project to ensure the continuous development and empowerment of vulnerable people and communities.

While we do rewarding and impactful work through these programs, we invite you to partner with us to enable us to do more.