Most people in Orile Iganmu go clothes-shopping and enjoy the pleasure of adding new items to ones existing wardrobe. For the residents of Orile Iganmu, this Saturday morning, they were getting a different experience.  They had been invited for a day of clothes distribution to those in need.


A mix of young and old, men and women came to the Orile Iganmu Progressive Association (OIPA) headquarters in Iganmu quite early even though the fliers said the event was for 11 o clock.

At the OIPA headquarters, they wrote their names and settled and waited for the organisers to start the program.

Kinabuti and Orile Iganmu Progressive Association came together to make this possible. This is in addition to the free computer training that Kinabuti Fashion Initiative holds at Orile and the skills acquisition program that directly benefits the people of that area. Kinabuti Fashion Initiative also organizes the annual Christmas party for the children of the area and has recently also renovated the school.

It is evident from the projects that the KFI feels a strong sense of affection and responsibility towards the community. 

On the 22nd of June, KFI came again with a variety of fairly used clothes, shoes and bags in different colours, styles and sizes. The items were neatly arranged on the tarp laid on the floor.

The distribution was carried out in an orderly manner. A few residents were called from the list and they went from pile to pile and each handpicked a number of items. Because of the orderliness of the event, there was enough to go round and impart everyone with joy.

The residents enjoyed the event and so did the organizers. It was especially heartwarming to see the children jump around excitedly because of the new additions in their wardrobe. The community was thankful to Kinabuti for all the projects and keep looking forward to more to come.

And from us at KFI, we enjoyed a day of charity with the pure pleasure of seeing the joy that generosity elicits. We are thankful to our sponsors and donors for giving to this project. We were able to make them smile because you gave. We could not have done it without you. Thank you.